Core Values | Health Online | Pakistan's Online Pharmacy

Health Online was created by visionary leaders who simply believed in self reliance, quality and hard work. The core values of the HealthOnline are based on nine golden principles:

  • Quality:In terms of maintaining the highest standards of quality, the Health Onlineis second to none. We maintain these standards by continually improving andmeasuring our need based results.
  • Trust:We depend, count on and support each member of the staff separately and ascolleagues.
  •  Excellence:We endeavor to always perform at the highest level of quality and standardsand in order to achieve that, we always look for new, innovative, productiveand interactive ways that help to improve and boost our performance as a whole.
  •  Teamwork:We work together and share different learning based on our experience tobenefits patients and their caretakers for the progression of our main goal.
  •  Accountability:We acknowledge obligations regarding our activities and attitudes towardsthe services we offered.
  •   MutualRespect: We embrace diversity with an open heart and we treat each otherwith nobility, dignity, respect, and compassion.
  •  Innovation:We welcome any positive change, support creation and persistently look forbetter, more effective approaches to accomplish our objectives.
  •  Integrity:We strictly adhere to high moral principles and standards by a promise tothe trustworthiness, confidentiality, trust, regard, dignity, mutual respect,straightforwardness and transparency.
  • Compassion: We show our resolve, dedication and commitmentto state of the art care services by providing a conducive and a favorableenvironment for our patients, their families and associates.