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 Verient Inj 100mg 5Ampx5mlOut Of Stock

Verient Inj 100mg 5Ampx5ml

Product Name: Verient Inj 100mg 5Ampx5mlIngredients: Iron SucroseProduct Form: InjectionPack Si..

Rs.1,000/- Ex Tax: Rs.1,000/-

Beurer GL 42Out Of Stock

Beurer GL 42

Easy to use: Extra large display, wide test strips, simple measurement marking for optimised diabe..

Rs.1,500/- Ex Tax: Rs.1,500/-

Beurer GL 44 BlackOut Of Stock

Beurer GL 44 Black

Available in mg/dL or mmol/LUnderfilling detection: measurement only possible with sufficient sample..

Rs.1,900/- Ex Tax: Rs.1,900/-

Blood Sugar Monitoring Device (Accu-Chek Performa)

Blood Sugar Monitoring Device (Accu-Chek Performa)

Product Name : Blood Sugar Monitoring Device (Accu-Chek Performa)Product Form : Medical Equipme..

Rs.3,500/- Ex Tax: Rs.3,500/-

Calnox Delite Jar 250gmOut Of Stock

Calnox Delite Jar 250gm

Product Name: Calnox Delite Jar 250gmProduct Form: PowderPack Size: 250gmIngredients : Asp..

Rs.280/- Ex Tax: Rs.280/-

Calnox Delite Powder 250g 1'sOut Of Stock

Calnox Delite Powder 250g 1's

Product Name: Calnox Delite Powder 250g 1'sIngredients: SucraloseProduct Form: PowderPack Size: 1's..

Rs.280/- Ex Tax: Rs.280/-

Calnox Sachet 50'sOut Of Stock

Calnox Sachet 50's

Product Name: Calnox Sachet 50'sProduct Form: TabletPack Size: 50'sIngredients : Aspartame..

Rs.135/- Ex Tax: Rs.135/-

Calnox Tab 100’sOut Of Stock

Calnox Tab 100’s

Product Name: Calnox Tab 100’sProduct Form: TabletPack Size: 100’sIngredients : Aspartame..

Rs.85/- Ex Tax: Rs.85/-

Calnox Tab 200’sOut Of Stock

Calnox Tab 200’s

Product Name: Calnox Tab 200’sProduct Form: TabletPack Size: 200’sIngredients : Aspartame..

Rs.150/- Ex Tax: Rs.150/-

Epogen Inj 2000IU 1VialOut Of Stock

Epogen Inj 2000IU 1Vial

Product Name: Epogen Inj 2000IU 1VialProduct Form: InjectionPack Size: 1Vial..

Rs.1,084/- Ex Tax: Rs.1,084/-

Epogen Inj 4000IU 1VialOut Of Stock

Epogen Inj 4000IU 1Vial

Product Name: Epogen Inj 4000IU 1VialProduct Form: InjectionPack Size: 1Vial..

Rs.2,000/- Ex Tax: Rs.2,000/-

Hemolyte Tab 10mg 100'sOut Of Stock

Hemolyte Tab 10mg 100's

Product Name: Hemolyte Tab 10mg 100'sProduct Form: TabletsPack Size: 100's..

Rs.819/- Ex Tax: Rs.819/-

Humapen Ergo II Inj 1'sOut Of Stock

Humapen Ergo II Inj 1's

Product Name: Humapen Ergo II Inj 1'sProduct Form: Drug delivery device Pack Size: 1's..

Rs.1,427/- Ex Tax: Rs.1,427/-

Jilifen Inj 300mcg 1VialOut Of Stock

Jilifen Inj 300mcg 1Vial

Product Name: Jilifen Inj 300mcg 1VialProduct Form: InjectionPack Size: 1 Vial..

Rs.3,300/- Ex Tax: Rs.3,300/-

Lancet 1x200's

Lancet 1x200's

Product Name : Lancet 1x200'sProduct Form : Medical EquipmentPack Size :  1x200's..

Rs.600/- Ex Tax: Rs.600/-