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Beurer FB 35Out Of Stock

Beurer FB 35

Relaxing aroma therapyRemovable aroma filter for the simple use of bath additives3 functions: Water..

Rs.6,000/- Ex Tax: Rs.6,000/-

Beurer FM 60Out Of Stock

Beurer FM 60

Soothing shiatsu foot massage with 18 massage heads (3×3 per foot area)Soothing foot reflex zone mas..

Rs.8,500/- Ex Tax: Rs.8,500/-

Beurer MC 2000 – Massage ChairOut Of Stock

Beurer MC 2000 – Massage Chair

Relaxing Shiatsu back massageIndividual adjustable massage areasSwitchable light and heating functio..

Rs.50,000/- Ex Tax: Rs.50,000/-

Beurer MC 5000Out Of Stock

Beurer MC 5000

Automatic body scanning functionIndividual adjustable full-body massage with 4-head massage systemMa..

Rs.225,000/- Ex Tax: Rs.225,000/-

Beurer MG 147Out Of Stock

Beurer MG 147

Soothing shiatsu massageVarious uses for neck, back, legs etc.4 rotating Shiatsu massage heads rotat..

Rs.6,300/- Ex Tax: Rs.6,300/-

Beurer MG 148Out Of Stock

Beurer MG 148

Versatile and selective applicationSoothing shiatsu massageTargeted application for the hard-to-reac..

Rs.7,000/- Ex Tax: Rs.7,000/-

Beurer MG 150Out Of Stock

Beurer MG 150

Soothing shoulder and neck massageDeep-acting tapping massageRelieves tension deep in the muscleTarg..

Rs.9,000/- Ex Tax: Rs.9,000/-

Beurer MG 155Out Of Stock

Beurer MG 155

Soothing vibration massageFor use at home and on the moveWith separately controllable heat function2..

Rs.5,000/- Ex Tax: Rs.5,000/-

Beurer MG 16Out Of Stock

Beurer MG 16

Relaxation in betweenVibration massage with 3 illuminated massage headsMassage-to-go – at home, in t..

Rs.1,300/- Ex Tax: Rs.1,300/-

Beurer MG 17Out Of Stock

Beurer MG 17

Water-resistant exfoliation device and massagerWith exfoliation attachment: loofah on one side, soft..

Rs.1,500/- Ex Tax: Rs.1,500/-

Beurer MG 21Out Of Stock

Beurer MG 21

Infrared heat massage3 massage attachments2 function levels6 watt..

Rs.2,200/- Ex Tax: Rs.2,200/-

Beurer MG 295Out Of Stock

Beurer MG 295

Penetrating 3D back massageHeight-adjustable Shiatsu neck massage (2 massage fingers)Spot massageSoo..

Rs.36,000/- Ex Tax: Rs.36,000/-

Beurer MG 30Out Of Stock

Beurer MG 30

3-times the relaxation for body, head and faceGentle vibration massageWith practical storage traySpl..

Rs.4,500/- Ex Tax: Rs.4,500/-

Beurer MG 300

Beurer MG 300

Automatic body scanning function for a customised massage experienceRelaxing back massage with 4 mas..

Rs.36,000/- Ex Tax: Rs.36,000/-

Beurer MG 310Out Of Stock

Beurer MG 310

Shiatsu massage chairPowerfull shiatsu massage along the spine4 rotating Shiatsu massage heads rotat..

Rs.30,000/- Ex Tax: Rs.30,000/-