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Clonexa Tab 1mg 1x10's PREORDER

Clonexa Tab 1mg 1x10's

Product Name: Clonexa Tab 1mg 1x10'sIngredients: EszopiclonePack Size: 1x10's..

Rs.87/- Ex Tax: Rs.87/-

Clonexa Tab 2mg 1x10's PREORDER

Clonexa Tab 2mg 1x10's

Product Name: Clonexa Tab 2mg 1x10'sIngredients: EszopiclonePack Size: 1x10's..

Rs.132/- Ex Tax: Rs.132/-

Clonexa Tab 3mg 1x10's PREORDER

Clonexa Tab 3mg 1x10's

Product Name: Clonexa Tab 3mg 1x10'sIngredients: EszopiclonePack Size: 1x10's..

Rs.198/- Ex Tax: Rs.198/-

Lampro Tab 0.25mg 3x10's PREORDER

Lampro Tab 0.25mg 3x10's

Product Name: Lampro Tab 0.25mg 3x10'sIngredients: AlprazolamPack Size: 3x10's..

Rs.78/- Ex Tax: Rs.78/-

Lampro Tab 0.5mg 3x10's PREORDER

Lampro Tab 0.5mg 3x10's

Product Name: Lampro Tab 0.5mg 3x10'sIngredients: AlprazolamPack Size: 3x10's..

Rs.130/- Ex Tax: Rs.130/-

Xanax Tab 0.25mg 30's

Product Name : Xanax Tab 0.25mg 30'sIngredients : AlprazolamPack Size : 30's..

Rs.157/- Ex Tax: Rs.157/-

Xanax Tab 0.5mg 30's

Product Name : Xanax Tab 0.5mg 30'sIngredients : AlprazolamPack Size : 30's..

Rs.220/- Ex Tax: Rs.220/-