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Actidil Elixer 1.25mg/5ml 60ml

Product Name: Actidil Elix 1.25mg/5ml 60mlIngredients: TriprolidinePack Size: 60ml..

Rs.19/- Ex Tax: Rs.19/-

Actifed DM Cough Tab 500's

Product Name: Actifed DM Cough Tab 500'sIngredients: Triprolidine 1.25mg, Dextromethorphan 10mg..

Rs.465/- Ex Tax: Rs.465/-

Actifed-P Cold Tab 400's

Product Name: Actifed-P Cold Tab 400'sIngredients: Paracetamol 300mg, Triprolidine 1.5mg, Pseud..

Rs.600/- Ex Tax: Rs.600/-

Antial Susp 5mg/5ml 30ml

Product Name: Antial Susp 5mg/5ml 30mlIngredients: LoratadinePack Size: 30ml..

Rs.44/- Ex Tax: Rs.44/-

Arinac Forte Tab 400mg/60mg 10x10's

ARINAC is produced by Abbott and this series contains ARINAC Syrup, ARINAC TAB and ARINAC Forte. ARI..

Rs.460/- Ex Tax: Rs.460/-

Arinac Susp 120ml

Product Name: Arinac Susp 120mlIngredients: Each 5ml contains: Ibuprofen 100mg, Pseudoephedrine 15mg..

Rs.66/- Ex Tax: Rs.66/-

Arinac Tab 200mg/30mg 10x10's

Product Name: Arinac Tab 200mg/30mg 10x10'sIngredients: Ibuprofen 200mg, Pseudoephedrine 30mgPack Si..

Rs.263/- Ex Tax: Rs.263/-

Calpol 6 Plus Susp 90ml

Product Name: Calpol 6 Plus Susp 90mlIngredients: ParacetamolPack Size: 90ml..

Rs.55/- Ex Tax: Rs.55/-

Cofcol Elixir 120ml

Product Name: Cofcol Elixir 120mlIngredients: Each 15ml contains: Paracetamol 325mg,Pseudo..

Rs.70/- Ex Tax: Rs.70/-

Coferb Cough 35mg/5ml

Product Name: Coferb Cough 35mg/5mlIngredients: Ivy leaf, Licorice,ThymePack Size: 12..

Rs.175/- Ex Tax: Rs.175/-

Coferb Cough Plus Syrup 120ml

Product Name: Coferb Cough Plus Syrup 120mlIngredients: Ivy leaf, Licorice,Thyme   Pa..

Rs.195/- Ex Tax: Rs.195/-

Coferb Drop 20ml PREORDER

Coferb Drop 20ml

Product Name: Coferb Drop 20mlIngredients:  Ivy Leaf ExtractPack Size: 20ml..

Rs.149/- Ex Tax: Rs.149/-

Cuf-G Syp 120ml PREORDER

Cuf-G Syp 120ml

Product Name : Cuf-G Syp 120mlIngredients : Ivy LeafPack Size : 120ml..

Rs.140/- Ex Tax: Rs.140/-

Cufklear Syp 120ml PREORDER

Cufklear Syp 120ml

Product Name : Cufklear Syp 120mlIngredients : Herbal Preparation (Natural Cough Syrup)Pac..

Rs.80/- Ex Tax: Rs.80/-


Product Name: DR,KOFF 120ML  SYPIngredients: Each 5ml contains: Terminalia bellirica 51mg,..

Rs.259/- Ex Tax: Rs.259/-