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A-Max Drops - 10ml

Product Name: A-Max Drops - 10mlIngredients: Vitamin A 200,000IUPack Size: 10ml ..

Rs.315/- Ex Tax: Rs.315/-

Abocal Effervescent Tab 10's

Product Name: Abocal Effervescent Tab 10'sIngredients: Calcium carbonate 670 mg (equivalent to 268 m..

Rs.124/- Ex Tax: Rs.124/-

Add-3 Oral Drops 10ml

Product Name: Add-3 Oral Drops 10mlIngredients: Vitamin A 750000IU, Vitamin D3 60000IUPack Size: 10m..

Rs.400/- Ex Tax: Rs.400/-

Aminoplasmal Sol 5% 500ml

Product Name: Aminoplasmal Sol 5% 500mlIngredients: Amino Acid Solution 5%Pack Size: 500ml..

Rs.375/- Ex Tax: Rs.375/-

Aminovel-600 Without Set Inf 5% 500ml

Product Name: Aminovel-600 Without Set Inf 5% 500ml ngredients: Each 500ml contains: D-Sor..

Rs.541/- Ex Tax: Rs.541/-

Apizyt Syp 120ml PREORDER

Apizyt Syp 120ml

Product Name: Apizyt Syp 120mlIngredients: Cichorium intybus,Coriandrum sativum,Berberis aristata,Zi..

Rs.240/- Ex Tax: Rs.240/-

Awardin Plus Cap 50mg 2x10's

Product Name: Awardin Plus Cap 50mg 2x10'sIngredients: Co-Enzyme Q10Pack Size: 2x10's..

Rs.526/- Ex Tax: Rs.526/-

Becefol Tab 25's

Product Name: Becefol Tab 25'sIngredients: Vitamin C 750mg, Nicotinamide 100mg, Vitamin E 30IU,..

Rs.70/- Ex Tax: Rs.70/-

Bevidox Tab 30's

Product Name: Bevidox Tab 30'sIngredients: Thiamine HCl 100mg, Pyridoxine HCl 50mg, Cyanocobalamin 5..

Rs.51/- Ex Tax: Rs.51/-

Bonnisan Syp 120ml

Product Name: Bonnisan Syp 120mlIndication: Herbal Medicine For BabiesPack Size: 120ml..

Rs.195/- Ex Tax: Rs.195/-

Cac-1000 Plus Orange Flavour Tab 10's 2 - 3 Days

Cac-1000 Plus Orange Flavour Tab 10's

Product Name: Cac-1000 Plus Orange Flavour Tab 10'sIngredients: Calcium Lactate Gluconate 1000mg, Ca..

Rs.124/- Ex Tax: Rs.124/-

Calcium Gluconate Inj 1g 50Ampx10ml

Product Name: Calcium Gluconate Inj 1g 50Ampx10mlIngredients: Calcium GluconatePack Size: 50Ampx10ml..

Rs.500/- Ex Tax: Rs.500/-

Calcium-P Syp 110ml

Product Name: Calcium-P Syp 110mlIngredients: Calcium PantothenatePack Size: 110ml..

Rs.54/- Ex Tax: Rs.54/-

Cecon Chewable Tab 500mg 40's

Product Name: Cecon Chewable Tab 500mg 40'sIngredients: Vitamin CPack Size: 40's..

Rs.98/- Ex Tax: Rs.98/-

Centrum Silver (Adults 50+) Tab 80's PREORDER

Centrum Silver (Adults 50+) Tab 80's

Product Name: Centrum Silver (Adults 50+) Tab 80'sIngredients: Vitamin A 2500IU ,Vitamin C 60mg,Vita..

Rs.1,675/- Ex Tax: Rs.1,675/-