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Brufen Susp 100mg/5ml 120ml2 - 3 Days

Brufen Susp 100mg/5ml 120ml

Product Name: Brufen Susp 100mg/5ml 120mlIngredients: Ibuprofen Product Form : SuspensionP..

Rs.49/- Ex Tax: Rs.49/-

 Diclogesic Cap 50mg 2x10'sOut Of Stock

Diclogesic Cap 50mg 2x10's

Product Name: Diclogesic Cap 50mg 2x10'sIngredients: Diclofenac SodiumProduct Form: CapsulesPack Siz..

Rs.105/- Ex Tax: Rs.105/-

 Dolact Tab 20'sOut Of Stock

Dolact Tab 20's

Product Name: Dolact Tab 20'sIngredients: Diclofenic Sodium 50mg, Misoprostol 200mcgProduct Form:Tab..

Rs.203/- Ex Tax: Rs.203/-

 Feldene Dispersible Tab 20mg 40's

Feldene Dispersible Tab 20mg 40's

Product Name: Feldene Dispersible Tab 20mg 40'sIngredients: PiroxicamProduct Form : Tablet..

Rs.450/- Ex Tax: Rs.450/-

 Feloni Tab 50mg 20'sOut Of Stock

Feloni Tab 50mg 20's

Product Name: Feloni Tab 50mg 20'sIngredients: EperisoneProduct Form:Tablet Pack Size: 20's..

Rs.204/- Ex Tax: Rs.204/-

 Neobutinal 400 Tab 400mg 10x10'sOut Of Stock

Neobutinal 400 Tab 400mg 10x10's

Product Name: Neobutinal 400 Tab 400mg 10x10'sIngredients: IbuprofenProduct Form: TabletsPack S..

Rs.239/- Ex Tax: Rs.239/-

 Nopain Tab 10x10'sOut Of Stock

Nopain Tab 10x10's

Product Name: Nopain Tab 10x10'sIngredients: Aspirin 300mg, Paracetamol 200mg, Caffeine 30..

Rs.159/- Ex Tax: Rs.159/-

Alidase Tab 500mg 30'sOut Of Stock

Alidase Tab 500mg 30's

Product Name: Alidase Tab 500mg 30'sIngredients: NaproxenProduct Form:Tablet Pack Size: 1x30's..

Rs.219/- Ex Tax: Rs.219/-

Ambrofen Blister Tab 400mg 25x10'sOut Of Stock

Ambrofen Blister Tab 400mg 25x10's

Product Name: Ambrofen Blister Tab 400mg 25x10'sProduct Form: TabletsPack Size: 25x10'sIngredients: ..

Rs.400/- Ex Tax: Rs.400/-

Ambrofen Susp 90mlOut Of Stock

Ambrofen Susp 90ml

Product Name: Ambrofen Susp 90mlProduct Form: SuspensionPack Size: 90mlIngredients: Ibuprofen 100mg/..

Rs.36/- Ex Tax: Rs.36/-

Ambrofen-P Susp 60mlOut Of Stock

Ambrofen-P Susp 60ml

Product Name: Ambrofen-P Susp 60mlProduct Form: SuspensionPack Size: 60ml..

Rs.33/- Ex Tax: Rs.33/-

Amnic Blister Tab 250mg 60x10'sOut Of Stock

Amnic Blister Tab 250mg 60x10's

Product Name: Amnic Blister Tab 250mg 60x10'sProduct Form: TabletsPack Size: 60x10'sIngredients: Mef..

Rs.710/- Ex Tax: Rs.710/-

Amnic DS Blister Tab 500mg 10x10'sOut Of Stock

Amnic DS Blister Tab 500mg 10x10's

Product Name: Amnic DS Blister Tab 500mg 10x10'sProduct Form: TabletsPack Size: 10x10'sIngredients: ..

Rs.200/- Ex Tax: Rs.200/-

Antiflam Tab 50mg 3x10'sOut Of Stock

Antiflam Tab 50mg 3x10's

Product Name: Antiflam Tab 50mg 3x10'sIngredients: Diclofenac PotassiumProduct Form: TabletsPack Siz..

Rs.150/- Ex Tax: Rs.150/-

Antiflam Tab 75mg 3x10'sOut Of Stock

Antiflam Tab 75mg 3x10's

Product Name: Antiflam Tab 75mg 3x10'sIngredients: Diclofenac PotassiumProduct Form: TabletsPac..

Rs.195/- Ex Tax: Rs.195/-