Prescription Relaxed Medicines


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 Abocran Cranberry Sachet 10'sOut Of Stock

Abocran Cranberry Sachet 10's

Product Name: Abocran Cranberry Sachet 10'SIndication: Urinary Tract infectionPack Size: 10's..

Rs.270/- Ex Tax: Rs.270/-

 Acefyl Syp 125mg/5ml 120ml

Acefyl Syp 125mg/5ml 120ml

Product Name: Acefyl Syp 125mg/5ml 120mlIngredients: AcefyllineProduct Form : SyrupPack Size: 120ml..

Rs.54/- Ex Tax: Rs.54/-

 Amikacin Inj 1gm 1VialOut Of Stock

Amikacin Inj 1gm 1Vial

Product Name: Amikacin Inj 1gm 1VialIngredients: AmikacinPack Size: 1Vial..

Rs.143/- Ex Tax: Rs.143/-

 Amizone Inj 500mg 1VialOut Of Stock

Amizone Inj 500mg 1Vial

Product Name: Amizone Inj 500mg 1VialIngredients: CeftriaxonePack Size: 1Vial..

Rs.170/- Ex Tax: Rs.170/-

 Amplus Inj 0.5gm 1VialOut Of Stock

Amplus Inj 0.5gm 1Vial

Product Name: Amplus Inj 0.5gm 1VialIngredients: Ampicillin 0.25mg, Cloxacillin 0.25mgPack Size..

Rs.48/- Ex Tax: Rs.48/-

 Arixtra Inj 7.5mg 1PFSx0.6ml

Arixtra Inj 7.5mg 1PFSx0.6ml

Product Name: Arixtra Inj 7.5mg 1PFSx0.6mlIngredients: Fondaparinux SodiumPack Size: 1's..

Rs.1,357/- Ex Tax: Rs.1,357/-

 AtlinTab 100mg 2x10'sOut Of Stock

AtlinTab 100mg 2x10's

Product Name:  AtlinTab 100mg 2x10'sIngredients: Atenolol Pack Size: 2x10's..

Rs.114/- Ex Tax: Rs.114/-

 Aventriax IM Inj 250mg 1VialOut Of Stock

Aventriax IM Inj 250mg 1Vial

Product Name: Aventriax IM Inj 250mg 1VialIngredients: CeftriaxonePack Size: 1Vial..

Rs.101/- Ex Tax: Rs.101/-

 Bactamox Plus Inj 1.5g 1VialOut Of Stock

Bactamox Plus Inj 1.5g 1Vial

Product Name: Bactamox Plus Inj 1.5g 1VialIngredients: Amoxicillin 500mg , Sulbactam 1000mgPack Size..

Rs.142/- Ex Tax: Rs.142/-

 Bvir Tab 0.5mg 2x15'sOut Of Stock

Bvir Tab 0.5mg 2x15's

Product Name: Bvir Tab 0.5mg 2x15'sStorage Condition: Store at below 250C (Do not freeze)Pack Size: ..

Rs.6,000/- Ex Tax: Rs.6,000/-

 Caloc Tab 10mg 2x10'sOut Of Stock

Caloc Tab 10mg 2x10's

Product Name: Caloc Tab 10mg 2x10'sIngredients: AmlodipineIngredients: Amlodipine..

Rs.143/- Ex Tax: Rs.143/-

 Camflex Tab 8mg 10'sOut Of Stock

Camflex Tab 8mg 10's

Product Name: Camflex Tab 8mg 10'sIngredients: LornoxicamPack Size: 10's..

Rs.98/- Ex Tax: Rs.98/-

 Cefazol Inj 0.25gm 1VialOut Of Stock

Cefazol Inj 0.25gm 1Vial

Product Name: Cefazol Inj 0.25gm 1VialIngredients: CefazolinPack Size: 1 Vial..

Rs.40/- Ex Tax: Rs.40/-

 Cefxone IM Inj 0.5gm 1VialOut Of Stock

Cefxone IM Inj 0.5gm 1Vial

Product Name: Cefxone IM Inj 0.5gm 1VialIngredients: CeftriaxonePack Size: 1 Vial..

Rs.132/- Ex Tax: Rs.132/-

 Cefxone IV Inj 0.5gm 1VialOut Of Stock

Cefxone IV Inj 0.5gm 1Vial

Product Name: Cefxone IV Inj 0.5gm 1VialIngredients: CeftriaxonePack Size: 1 Vial..

Rs.132/- Ex Tax: Rs.132/-