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 Fungicure Cap 150mg 1's

Fungicure Cap 150mg 1's

Product Name: Fungicure Cap 150mg 1'sIngredients: FLUCONAZOLPack Size: 1's..

Rs.143/- Ex Tax: Rs.143/-

 Topmate Tab 400mg 10's

Topmate Tab 400mg 10's

Product Name: Topmate Tab 400mg 10'sIngredients: PefloxacinPack Size: 10's..

Rs.222/- Ex Tax: Rs.222/-

Anfotericina Fada Inj 50mg 1VialOut Of Stock

Anfotericina Fada Inj 50mg 1Vial

Product Name: Anfotericina Fada Inj 50mg 1VialIngredients: Amphotericin BPack Size: 1Vial..

Rs.610/- Ex Tax: Rs.610/-

Diflucan Cap 150mg 1's

Diflucan Cap 150mg 1's

Product Name: Diflucan Cap 150mg 1'sIngredients: FluconazolePack Size: 1's..

Rs.442/- Ex Tax: Rs.442/-

Diflucan Cap 200mg 4'sOut Of Stock

Diflucan Cap 200mg 4's

Product Name: Diflucan Cap 200mg 4'sIngredients: FluconazolePack Size: 4's..

Rs.2,799/- Ex Tax: Rs.2,799/-

Diflucan Cap 50mg 7's

Diflucan Cap 50mg 7's

Product Name: Diflucan Cap 50mg 7'sIngredients: FluconazolePack Size: 7's..

Rs.967/- Ex Tax: Rs.967/-

Diflucan Inf IV 1Vial2 - 3 Days

Diflucan Inf IV 1Vial

Product Name: Diflucan Inf IV 1VialIngredients: Fluconazole 2mg/mlPack Size: 1Vial..

Rs.560/- Ex Tax: Rs.560/-

Flucon Cap 150mg 1'sOut Of Stock

Flucon Cap 150mg 1's

Product Name: Flucon Cap 150mg 1'sIngredients: FluconazoleProduct Form: CapsulesPack Size: 1's..

Rs.120/- Ex Tax: Rs.120/-

Flucon Cap 50mg 1x10'sOut Of Stock

Flucon Cap 50mg 1x10's

Product Name: Flucon Cap 50mg 1x10'sIngredients: FluconazoleProduct Form: CapsulesPack Size: 1x10's..

Rs.550/- Ex Tax: Rs.550/-

Flucon Oral Susp 50mg/5ml 35mlOut Of Stock

Flucon Oral Susp 50mg/5ml 35ml

Product Name: Flucon Oral Susp 50mg/5ml 35mlIngredients: FLUCONAZOLEProduct Form: Oral SuspensionPac..

Rs.240/- Ex Tax: Rs.240/-

Fluderm Cap 150mg 1's

Fluderm Cap 150mg 1's

Product Name: Fluderm Cap 150mg 1'sIngredients: FluconazolePack Size: 1's..

Rs.139/- Ex Tax: Rs.139/-

Fluderm Cap 50mg 10's

Fluderm Cap 50mg 10's

Product Name: Fluderm Cap 50mg 10'sIngredients: FluconazolePack Size: 10's..

Rs.500/- Ex Tax: Rs.500/-

Fungone Cap 150mg 1's

Fungone Cap 150mg 1's

Product Name: Fungone Cap 150mg 1'sIngredients: FluconazolePack Size: 1's..

Rs.155/- Ex Tax: Rs.155/-

Hadensa Comfort Oint 25g2 - 3 Days

Hadensa Comfort Oint 25g

Product Name: Hadensa Comfort Oint 25gIngredients: Sulphur rich oil shale extract 0.050g, Arachis Hy..

Rs.215/- Ex Tax: Rs.215/-

Hadensa Fort Oint 10g2 - 3 Days

Hadensa Fort Oint 10g

Product Name: Hadensa Fort Oint 10gIngredients: Prednisolone-m-sulfobenzoas natrii 235.5mg, Menthol ..

Rs.69/- Ex Tax: Rs.69/-