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Atrelax Inj 50mg 5Ampx5ml

Product Name: Atrelax Inj 50mg 5Ampx5mlIngredients: Atracurium BesylatePack Size: 5AmpX5ml..

Rs.1,150/- Ex Tax: Rs.1,150/-

Aclova Inj 250mg 5Amp

Product Name: Aclova Inj 250mg 5AmpIngredients: AcyclovirPack Size: 5Amp..

Rs.2,601/- Ex Tax: Rs.2,601/-

Actrapid HM Inj 100IU 1Vialx10ml

Product Name: Actrapid HM Inj 100IU 1Vialx10mlIngredients: Human Regular  InsulinPack..

Rs.610/- Ex Tax: Rs.610/-

Alcaine Eye Drops 0.5% 15ml

Alcaine drops are used for:Alcaine drops are a topical local anesthetic. It works on the nerves to d..

Rs.122/- Ex Tax: Rs.122/-

Alphagan Ophthalmic Sol 0.2% 5ml PREORDER

Alphagan Ophthalmic Sol 0.2% 5ml

Product Name: Alphagan Ophthalmic Sol 0.2% 5mlIngredients: Brimonidine TartratePack Size: 5ml..

Rs.378/- Ex Tax: Rs.378/-

Andrex Cap 40mg 30's

Product Name: Andrex Cap 40mg 30'sIndications: Male hypogonadism, osteoporosis due to androgen defic..

Rs.516/- Ex Tax: Rs.516/-

Anexate Inj 1mg 5Amp

Product Name: Anexate Inj 1mg 5AmpIngredients: FlumazenilPack Size: 5Amp..

Rs.19,600/- Ex Tax: Rs.19,600/-

Anfotericina Fada Inj 50mg 1Vial PREORDER

Anfotericina Fada Inj 50mg 1Vial

Product Name: Anfotericina Fada Inj 50mg 1VialIngredients: Amphotericin BPack Size: 1Vial..

Rs.610/- Ex Tax: Rs.610/-

Apidra Solostar Inj 100IU/ml 5PFPx3ml

Product Name: Apidra Solostar Inj 100IU/ml 5PFPx3mlIngredients: Insulin GlulisinePack Size: 5PFPx3ml..

Rs.3,390/- Ex Tax: Rs.3,390/-

Augmentin Inj 1.2gm 10Vial

Product Name: Augmentin Inj 1.2gm 10VialIngredients: Amoxicillin 1000mg, Clavulanic Acid 2..

Rs.1,802/- Ex Tax: Rs.1,802/-

Carpsol Inj 10mg/ml 1Vialx15ml

Product Name : Carpsol Inj 10mg/ml 1Vialx15mlIngredients : CarboplatinPack Size : 1Vi..

Rs.2,228/- Ex Tax: Rs.2,228/-

Carpsol Inj 10mg/ml 1Vialx5ml

Product Name : Carpsol Inj 10mg/ml 1Vialx5mlIngredients : CarboplatinPack Size : 1Via..

Rs.876/- Ex Tax: Rs.876/-

Cervarix Inj 1PFSx0.5ml PREORDER

Cervarix Inj 1PFSx0.5ml

Product Name: Cervarix Inj 1PFSx0.5mlIngredients: Papilloma Virus VaccinePack Size: 1PFSx0.5ml..

Rs.4,700/- Ex Tax: Rs.4,700/-

Chloroptic Ophthalmic Sol 0.5% 10ml

Product Name: Chloroptic Ophthalmic Sol 0.5% 10mlIngredients: ChloramphenicolPack Size: 10ml..

Rs.51/- Ex Tax: Rs.51/-

Clexane Inj 20mg 2PFSx0.2ml PREORDER

Clexane Inj 20mg 2PFSx0.2ml

Product Name: Clexane Inj 20mg 2PFSx0.2mlIngredients: Enoxaparin SodiumPack Size:  2PFSx0.4ml..

Rs.410/- Ex Tax: Rs.410/-