Actrapid HM Inj 100IU 1Vialx10ml (Injection)


This is Cold Chain Item. All Cold Chain Products require a certain Temprature for storage & shipping.So their shipping cost will be charged seprately.

Actrapid HM Inj 100IU 1Vialx10ml-COLD CHAIN ITEMS

Actrapid HM Inj 100IU 1Vialx10ml

Product Name: Actrapid HM Inj 100IU 1Vialx10ml

Ingredients: Human Regular  Insulin

Pack Size: 1Vialx10ml

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Actrapid HM Inj 100IU 1Vialx10ml

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  • Product Form: Injection
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  • Medicine Delivery Time: Usually within 24 to 48 hours across Pakistan

    Home Sampling For Lab Tests: Usually within 1 to 2 hours (within Lahore Only)

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