Actifiber Jar Plain 150gm (Powder)


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Actifiber Jar Plain 150gm-CONSTIPATION

Actifiber Jar Plain 150gm

"Actifiber is an easy to use fiber supplement made from 100 percent natural fiber extracted from wheat and is combined with green tea extract for complementary benefits. Actifiber is extremely easy to take as it completely dissolves in water without leaving behind any residue. It helps regulate bowel movement, treats constipation, lowers cholesterol level, boosts metabolism, is a powerful fat burner, and controls blood sugar levels. Actifiber is available in plain and lemon flavor, and in jar and sachet form. Actifiber combines two essential substances to form one powerful product that can be used for multiple benefits and general well-being. American Dietetic Association recommends consuming approximately 25 to 30 g of fiber each day but most only get about half of that. Actifiber is a dietary fiber that can be added to food and beverages to increase the amount of fiber intake in your diet. Actifiber is made from 100 percent natural fiber containing wheat dextrin, derived from wheat starch (rich source of fiber) and is Gluten free with a special addition of green tea extract for synergistic benefits."

Product Name: Actifiber Jar 150gm

Ingredients: Wheat Dextrin, Green tea Extract

Pack Size: 150gm

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Actifiber Jar Plain 150gm

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