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Estranor Tab 2mg/0.5mg 21's2 - 3 Days

Estranor Tab 2mg/0.5mg 21's

Product Name : Estranor Tab 2mg/0.5mg 21'sIngredients : Estradiol Valerate 2mg, Norgestrel..

Rs.163/- Ex Tax: Rs.163/-

Ever Long Tab 60mg 10'sIn Stock

Ever Long Tab 60mg 10's

Product Name: Ever Long Tab 60mg 10'sIngredients: DapoxetinePack Size: 10's..

Rs.833/- Ex Tax: Rs.833/-

Ever Long Tab 60mg 5's

Ever Long Tab 60mg 5's

Product Name: Ever Long Tab 60mg 5'sIngredients: DapoxetinePack Size: 5's..

Rs.417/- Ex Tax: Rs.417/-

Ferti C Inj 5000iu 1VialOut Of Stock

Ferti C Inj 5000iu 1Vial

Product Name : Ferti C Inj 5000iu 1VialProduct Form : InjectionPack Size : 1VialIngredients :&n..

Rs.700/- Ex Tax: Rs.700/-

Follitrope IM Inj 75iu 1PFSOut Of Stock

Follitrope IM Inj 75iu 1PFS

Product Name : Follitrope IM Inj 75iu 1PFSProduct Form : InjectionPack Size : 1PFS..

Rs.2,142/- Ex Tax: Rs.2,142/-

K-y Jelly 100ml-7%

K-y Jelly 100ml

Product Name: K-y Jelly 100mlPack Size: 100ml..

Rs.750/- Rs.700/-Ex Tax: Rs.700/-

Ovafin Tab 50mg 1x10's

Ovafin Tab 50mg 1x10's

Product Name : Ovafin Tab 50mg 1x10'sProduct Form : TabletsPack Size : 1x10's..

Rs.289/- Ex Tax: Rs.289/-

Oxiva Tab 10'sOut Of Stock

Oxiva Tab 10's

Product Name : Oxiva Tab 10'sProduct Form : TabletsPack Size : 10'sIngredients : L-methylfolate..

Rs.800/- Ex Tax: Rs.800/-

Oxiva Tab 2x10'sIn Stock

Oxiva Tab 2x10's

Product Name : Oxiva Tab 2x10'sProduct Form : TabletsPack Size : 2x10'sIngredients : L-methylfo..

Rs.1,600/- Ex Tax: Rs.1,600/-

Prostavasin Inj 20mcg 10AmpOut Of Stock

Prostavasin Inj 20mcg 10Amp

Product Name: Prostavasin Inj 20mcg 10AmpIngredients: AlprostadilPack Size: 10Amp..

Rs.12,000/- Ex Tax: Rs.12,000/-

Sustanon 250 Inj 1Ampx1mlOut Of Stock

Sustanon 250 Inj 1Ampx1ml

Product Name: Sustanon 250 Inj 1Ampx1mlIngredients: Each ml of the oily solution contains: Test..

Rs.57/- Ex Tax: Rs.57/-