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 Costa Cap 375mg 30'sOut Of Stock

Costa Cap 375mg 30's

Product Name: Costa Cap 375mg 30'sIngredients: CarbocisteineProduct Form:Capsule Pack Size: 30'..

Rs.300/- Ex Tax: Rs.300/-

 Costa Syp 100mg/5ml 120mlOut Of Stock

Costa Syp 100mg/5ml 120ml

Product Name: Costa Syp 100mg/5ml 120mlIngredients: CarbocisteineProduct Form:Syrup Pack Size: ..

Rs.62/- Ex Tax: Rs.62/-

 Costa Syp 250mg/5ml 120mlOut Of Stock

Costa Syp 250mg/5ml 120ml

Product Name: Costa Syp 250mg/5ml 120mlIngredients: CarbocisteineProduct Form:Syrup Pack Size: ..

Rs.110/- Ex Tax: Rs.110/-

 Meltus Syp 120mlOut Of Stock

Meltus Syp 120ml

Product Name: Meltus Syp 120mlIngredients: 35mg Ivy leaf extractPack Size: 120ml..

Rs.165/- Ex Tax: Rs.165/-

 Reltus C&F Syp 120ml Out Of Stock

Reltus C&F Syp 120ml

Product Name: Reltus C&F Syp 120mlIngredients: Each 5ml contain Paracetamol 80mg, Chlorpheniram..

Rs.41/- Ex Tax: Rs.41/-

 Reltus C&F Tab 50'sOut Of Stock

Reltus C&F Tab 50's

Product Name: Reltus C&F Tab 50'sIngredients: Each tablet contains: Paracetamol B.P. 600mg..

Rs.119/- Ex Tax: Rs.119/-

 Reltus DM Syp 60mlOut Of Stock

Reltus DM Syp 60ml

Product Name: Reltus DM Syp 60mlIngredients: Each 5ml contains: Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide..

Rs.29/- Ex Tax: Rs.29/-

Actidil Elixer 1.25mg/5ml 60ml

Actidil Elixer 1.25mg/5ml 60ml

Product Name: Actidil Elix 1.25mg/5ml 60mlProduct Form : ElixirPack Size: 60mlIngredients: Trip..

Rs.19/- Ex Tax: Rs.19/-

Actifed DM Cough Syp 90ml

Actifed DM Cough Syp 90ml

Product Name: Actifed DM Cough Syp 90mlProduct Form : SyrupPack Size: 90mlIngredients: Each 5ml..

Rs.60/- Ex Tax: Rs.60/-

Actifed-P Cold Tab 400's

Actifed-P Cold Tab 400's

Product Name: Actifed-P Cold Tab 400'sProduct Form : TabletsPack Size: 400'sIngredients: Parace..

Rs.617/- Ex Tax: Rs.617/-

Actifed-P Elix 90ml

Actifed-P Elix 90ml

Product Name: Actifed-P Elix 90mlProduct Form : ElixirPack Size: 90mlIngredients: Each 5ml cont..

Rs.50/- Ex Tax: Rs.50/-

Ambrofen Blister Tab 200mg 50x10'sOut Of Stock

Ambrofen Blister Tab 200mg 50x10's

Product Name: Ambrofen Blister Tab 200mg 50x10'sProduct Form: TabletsPack Size: 50x10'sIngredients: ..

Rs.340/- Ex Tax: Rs.340/-

Ambrofen P Tab 10x10'sOut Of Stock

Ambrofen P Tab 10x10's

Product Name: Ambrofen P Tab 10x10'sProduct Form: TabletsPack Size: 10x10'sIngredients: Ibuprofen 10..

Rs.228/- Ex Tax: Rs.228/-

Ammonium Chloride Cough Syp 120ml

Ammonium Chloride Cough Syp 120ml

Product Name : Ammonium Chloride Cough Syp 120mlIngredients : Ammonium Chloride 100mg, Men..

Rs.42/- Ex Tax: Rs.42/-

Ammonium Chloride Cough Syp 120mlOut Of Stock

Ammonium Chloride Cough Syp 120ml

Product Name: Ammonium Chloride Cough Syp 120mlPack Size: 120mlIngredients: Each 5ml contains:Ammoni..

Rs.42/- Ex Tax: Rs.42/-