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 Corlet Tab 40mg 2x10'sOut Of Stock

Corlet Tab 40mg 2x10's

Product Name: Corlet Tab 40mg 2x10'sIngredients: Isosorbide MononitrateProduct Form: TabletsPack Siz..

Rs.123/- Ex Tax: Rs.123/-

 Flocard Tab 10mg 10'sPermanently Discontinued

Flocard Tab 10mg 10's

Product Name: Flocard Tab 10mg 10'sProduct Form: TabletsPack Size: 10's..

Rs.110/- Ex Tax: Rs.110/-

 Isotrate Tab 10mg 3x20'sOut Of Stock

Isotrate Tab 10mg 3x20's

Product Name: Isotrate Tab 10mg 3x20'sIngredients: Isosorbide 5 MononitrateProduct Form: TabletsPack..

Rs.118/- Ex Tax: Rs.118/-

 Metazem 60 Tab 60mg 10x10'sOut Of Stock

Metazem 60 Tab 60mg 10x10's

Product Name: Metazem 60 Tab 60mg 10x10'sIngredients: DiltiazemProduct Form: TabletsPack Size: ..

Rs.638/- Ex Tax: Rs.638/-

 Sivab Tab 7.5mg 14'sOut Of Stock

Sivab Tab 7.5mg 14's

Product Name: Sivab Tab 7.5mg 14'sIngredients: IvabradineProduct Form: TabletsPack Size: 14's..

Rs.280/- Ex Tax: Rs.280/-

Adernaline Ing. Inj 1ml 100's

Adernaline Ing. Inj 1ml 100's

Product Name: Adernaline Ing. Inj 1ml 100'sIngredients: AdrenalinePack Size: 100's..

Rs.450/- Ex Tax: Rs.450/-

Angiocard-SR Cap 2.5mg 3x10'sOut Of Stock

Angiocard-SR Cap 2.5mg 3x10's

Product Name: Angiocard-SR Cap 2.5mg 3x10'sIngredients: Glyceryl TrinitrateProduct Form: CapsulesPac..

Rs.120/- Ex Tax: Rs.120/-

Angiocard-SR Cap 6.5mg 3x10'sOut Of Stock

Angiocard-SR Cap 6.5mg 3x10's

Product Name: Angiocard-SR Cap 6.5mg 3x10'sIngredients: Glyceryl TrinitrateProduct Form: Capsul..

Rs.143/- Ex Tax: Rs.143/-

Angised Tab 0.5mg 30's

Angised Tab 0.5mg 30's

Product Name: Angised Tab 0.5mg 30'sIngredients: Glyceryl TrinitratePack Size: 30's..

Rs.26/- Ex Tax: Rs.26/-

ASA Tab 75mg 30'sOut Of Stock

ASA Tab 75mg 30's

Product Name: ASA Tab 75mg 30'sProduct Form: TabletPack Size: 30's..

Rs.30/- Ex Tax: Rs.30/-

Bismol Susp 88mg/5ml 120mlOut Of Stock

Bismol Susp 88mg/5ml 120ml

Product Name: Bismol Susp 88mg/5ml 120mlIngredients: Bismuth Sub-SalicylateProduct Form: Suspen..

Rs.50/- Ex Tax: Rs.50/-

Bismol Tab 265mg 20'sOut Of Stock

Bismol Tab 265mg 20's

Product Name: Bismol Tab 265mg 20'sIngredients: Bismuth Sub-SalicylateProduct Form: TabletPack ..

Rs.81/- Ex Tax: Rs.81/-

Calzem SR Forte Tab 120mg 20'sOut Of Stock

Calzem SR Forte Tab 120mg 20's

Product Name : Calzem SR Forte Tab 120mg 20'sIngredients : DiltiazemPack Size : 20's..

Rs.255/- Ex Tax: Rs.255/-

Calzem SR Tab 60mg 20'sOut Of Stock

Calzem SR Tab 60mg 20's

Product Name : Calzem SR Tab 60mg 20'sIngredients : DiltiazemPack Size : 20's..

Rs.155/- Ex Tax: Rs.155/-

Calzem SR Tab 90mg 20'sOut Of Stock

Calzem SR Tab 90mg 20's

Product Name : Calzem SR Tab 90mg 20'sIngredients : DiltiazemPack Size : 20's..

Rs.200/- Ex Tax: Rs.200/-