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 Fam-21 Tab 35mcg/2mg 21'sOut Of Stock

Fam-21 Tab 35mcg/2mg 21's

Product Name: Fam-21 Tab 35mcg/2mg 21'sIngredients: Ethinylestradiol 35 mcg, Cyproterone Acetate 2mg..

Rs.300/- Ex Tax: Rs.300/-

 Lyssa Depot Inj 250mg/ml 3AmpOut Of Stock

Lyssa Depot Inj 250mg/ml 3Amp

Product Name: Lyssa Depot Inj 250mg/ml 3AmpIngredients: Testosterone 250 mg/1mlProduct Form: Injecti..

Rs.210/- Ex Tax: Rs.210/-

Acne-Heal Tab 3x7'sOut Of Stock

Acne-Heal Tab 3x7's

Product Name: Acne-Heal Tab 3x7'sProduct Form: TabletsPack Size: 3x7's..

Rs.200/- Ex Tax: Rs.200/-

Asterotide Acetate Inj 5AmpOut Of Stock

Asterotide Acetate Inj 5Amp

Product Name: Asterotide Acetate Inj 5AmpProduct Form: InjectionPack Size: 5Amp..

Rs.1,050/- Ex Tax: Rs.1,050/-

Cyprodiol Tab 2mg/35mcg 21's2 - 3 Days

Cyprodiol Tab 2mg/35mcg 21's

Product Name : Cyprodiol Tab 2mg/35mcg 21'sIngredients : Cyproterone Acetate 2mg, Ethinylo..

Rs.268/- Ex Tax: Rs.268/-

Cytotol Tab 200mcg 10's2 - 3 Days

Cytotol Tab 200mcg 10's

Product Name: Cytotol Tab 200mcg 10'sProduct Form: TabletsPack Size: 10's..

Rs.102/- Ex Tax: Rs.102/-

Dot-S Tab 0.02mg/0.075mg 21'sOut Of Stock

Dot-S Tab 0.02mg/0.075mg 21's

Product Name: Dot-S Tab 0.02mg/0.075mg 21'sIngredients: Ethinylestradiol 0.02mg , Gestodine 0.075mgP..

Rs.272/- Ex Tax: Rs.272/-

Duodart Cap 0.5mg/0.4mg 30'sOut Of Stock

Duodart Cap 0.5mg/0.4mg 30's

Product Name: Duodart Cap 0.5mg/0.4mg 30'sProduct Form: CapsulesPack Size: 30'sIngredients: Dutaster..

Rs.2,970/- Ex Tax: Rs.2,970/-

Eutropin Inj 4IU 1VialOut Of Stock

Eutropin Inj 4IU 1Vial

Product Name : Eutropin Inj 4IU 1VialIngredients : Recombinant Human SomatropinPack Size :..

Rs.1,500/- Ex Tax: Rs.1,500/-

Eutropin Inj 4IU 1VialOut Of Stock

Eutropin Inj 4IU 1Vial

Product Name: Eutropin Inj 4IU 1VialProduct Form: InjectionPack Size: 1Vial..

Rs.1,500/- Ex Tax: Rs.1,500/-

Gravibinan Inj 1Ampx2mlOut Of Stock

Gravibinan Inj 1Ampx2ml

Product Name: Gravibinan Inj 1Ampx2mlProduct Form: InjectionPack Size: 1Ampx2mlIndications: Prophyla..

Rs.183/- Ex Tax: Rs.183/-

Humatrope Inj 5mg 1Vial

Humatrope Inj 5mg 1Vial

Product Name : Humatrope Inj 5mg 1VialIngredients : SomatropinPack Size : 1Vial Cold ..

Rs.6,100/- Ex Tax: Rs.6,100/-

Just-N Tab 5mg 30'sOut Of Stock

Just-N Tab 5mg 30's

Product Name: Just-N Tab 5mg 30'sIngredients: Norethisterone 5mgProduct Form: TabletPack Size: 1 x 3..

Rs.85/- Ex Tax: Rs.85/-

Meliane Tab 21's

Meliane Tab 21's

Product Name : Meliane Tab 21'sProduct Form : TabletsPack Size : 21'sIngredients : Oral Co..

Rs.320/- Ex Tax: Rs.320/-

Mirena 20mcg IUS Device 1's

Mirena 20mcg IUS Device 1's

Product Name : Mirena 20mcg IUS Device 1'sProduct Form : DevicePack Size : 1'sIngredients :&nbs..

Rs.10,058/- Ex Tax: Rs.10,058/-