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Abnil Cap 120mg 30'sPre-order

Abnil Cap 120mg 30's

Product Name: Abnil Cap 120mg 30'sIngredients: OrlistatPack Size: 30's..

Rs.1,110/- Ex Tax: Rs.1,110/-

Orlifit Cap 120mg 10'sPre-order

Orlifit Cap 120mg 10's

Product Name: Orlifit Cap 120mg 10'sIngredients: OrlistatProduct Form: CapsulesPack Size: 10's..

Rs.480/- Ex Tax: Rs.480/-

Trimfast Cap 10mg 1X20'sPre-order

Trimfast Cap 10mg 1X20's

Product Name: Trimfast Cap 10mg 1X20'sIngredients: African mango seed and saffronProduct Form: Capsu..

Rs.395/- Ex Tax: Rs.395/-

Trimfast Plus Cap 1x30'sPre-order

Trimfast Plus Cap 1x30's

Product Name: Trimfast Plus Cap 1x30'sIngredients: African mango seed and saffronProduct Form: Capsu..

Rs.990/- Ex Tax: Rs.990/-

Trimzak Cap 120mg 2x5'sPre-order

Trimzak Cap 120mg 2x5's

Product Name: Trimzak Cap 120mg 2x5'sIngredients: OrlistatProduct Form: CapsulesPack Size: 2x5'..

Rs.450/- Ex Tax: Rs.450/-