Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy Care

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Abon LH Ovulation Device 1's-10%Back-Order

Abon LH Ovulation Device 1's

Product Name: Abon LH Ovulation Device 1'sProduct Form: DevicePack Size: 1's..

Rs.60.00/- Rs.54.00/-

Abon LH Ovulation Device 40's-10%Back-Order

Abon LH Ovulation Device 40's

Product Name: Abon LH Ovulation Device 40'sProduct Form: DevicePack Size: 40's..

Rs.2,400.00/- Rs.2,160.00/-

Boneta Mama Milk Powder 200g-10%Back-Order

Boneta Mama Milk Powder 200g

Product Name: Boneta Mama Milk Powder 200gProduct Form: Milk PowderPack Size: 200gIngredients: ..

Rs.415.00/- Rs.373.50/-

Boneta Mama Milk Powder 400g-10%Back-Order

Boneta Mama Milk Powder 400g

Product Name: Boneta Mama Milk Powder 400gProduct Form: Milk PowderPack Size: 400gIngredients: ..

Rs.825.00/- Rs.742.50/-

Gravida Cap 15's-10%Back-Order

Gravida Cap 15's

Product Name: Gravida Cap 15'sProduct Form: CapsulesPack Size: 15's..

Rs.350.00/- Rs.315.00/-

HCG Pregnancy Rapid Test Dipstick 1's-10%Back-Order

HCG Pregnancy Rapid Test Dipstick 1's

Product Name : HCG Pregnancy Rapid Test Dipstick 1'sProduct Form : StripsPack Size : 1's..

Rs.25.00/- Rs.22.50/-

Myofolic Powder Sachet 15's-10%Back-Order

Myofolic Powder Sachet 15's

Product Name: Myofolic Powder Sachet 15'sProduct Form: SachetPack Size: 15'sIngredients: M..

Rs.735.00/- Rs.661.50/-

Myoinn Tab 60's-10%Back-Order

Myoinn Tab 60's

Product Name : Myoinn Tab 60'sProduct Form : TabletsPack Size : 60'sIngredients : Myo-Inositol 1gm,L..

Rs.1,450.00/- Rs.1,305.00/-

Prefol Cap 600mcg 28's-10%Back-Order

Prefol Cap 600mcg 28's

Product Name: Prefol Cap 600mcg 28'sIngredients: Quatrefolic® is the glucosamine salt of (6S)-5-meth..

Rs.418.00/- Rs.376.20/-

Pregease Tablet 30's-10%Back-Order

Pregease Tablet 30's

Product Name: Pregease Tablet 30'sProduct Form: TabletPack Size: 30's..

Rs.255.55/- Rs.230.00/-

Pregnacare Conception Tab 30's-10%

Pregnacare Conception Tab 30's

Product Name: Pregnacare Conception Tab 30'sProduct Form : TabletsPack Size: 30'sIngredients:&n..

Rs.2,000.00/- Rs.1,800.00/-

Slix Sachets 10's-10%

Slix Sachets 10's

Product Name : Slix Sachets 10'sProduct Form : SachetsPack Size : 10'sIngredients: D-Chiro..

Rs.700.00/- Rs.630.00/-

Vomipreg Tab 10mg /10mg 30's-10%Back-Order

Vomipreg Tab 10mg /10mg 30's

Product Name: Vomipreg Tab 10mg /10mg 30'sProduct Form:Tablet Pack Size: 30'sIngredients: Doxyl..

Rs.137.00/- Rs.123.30/-

Xyquil DR Tab 30's-10%Back-Order

Xyquil DR Tab 30's

Product Name : Xyquil DR Tab 30'sProduct Form : TabletsPack Size : 30'sIngredients : Doxyl..

Rs.120.00/- Rs.108.00/-